How We Help

WE LIFT LA empowers transitional aged youth and young adults out of the foster care system by providing life skills services, consistent support, workshops, and counseling, to make the shift from foster care to independence less challenging and successful. Our trained staff and volunteers provide consistent support and create a caring, supportive, committed and transformational relationship many youth formerly in foster care have never experienced. Our three primary services are: (1) housing support; (2) life skills coaching/training; and (3) job readiness & vocational training.


WE LIFT LA has long desired to provide its own home as a safe haven for youth to maintain stable housing and develop the necessary skills to move toward young adulthood. To address the various needs of our young adults, ages 18 – 25 years old, WE LIFT LA opened it’s own permanent home for these youth in June 2015. The new home not only provides a safe haven for our youth, but it will potentially serve as the hub for WE LIFT LA’s programs and services in the future. At this time the house is designated for young women only. The home is located at:

‘Building a Village’
Northridge, CA 91325


  • Young people are allowed to be a part of the mainstream community, as the home is located in a nice residential area comprised mainly of single family homes;
  • Rental payments are less expensive than most other options, such as an apartment or school housing;
  • WE LIFT LA’s staff and volunteers are be able to provide additional support and guidance to supplement any support and services currently being received by the young person;
  • Young people gain practical experience on how to live as independent, self-sufficient adults; and
  • Young people are able to participate in WE LIFT LA’s comprehensive Life Skills Development programming.

To learn more about the housing program or to be considered for a rental slot in the home, please contact please contact please contact us

Life Skills Development

WE LIFT LA’s Life Skills Development program helps youth aged out of foster care to acquire and hone necessary life skills that will increase their chances to successfully move toward young adulthood and self-sufficiency. Our program focuses on all the vital life skills young people coming out of foster care need in order to have baseline knowledge and skills to navigate into young adulthood. Some of these skills include but are not limited to: positive communication, conflict resolution, medical care, building a support system, budgeting and fiscal responsibility, job preparedness, etc. The life skills curriculum consists of four modules, conducted in six sessions each module (1 to 1.5 hours per session). They are:

Module I: Etiquette and Social Skills
Module II: Professional Communication and Self-Esteem
Module III: Job Readiness
Module IV: Financial Literacy

The central location for delivery of the Life Skills Development program is located in Northridge. We also deliver our modules in partner location sites as well.


  • Young people are able to build and strengthen necessary skills for preparing for the job marketplace;
  • Young people are able to build and strengthen coping skills to manage conflicts and other life challenges in a healthy manner;
  • Young people build and strengthen positive self-concept that increases chances for healthy decision-making, prosocial behaviors, and positive individual and social outcomes;
  • Young people build and strengthen awareness of available community resources and how to leverage these resources to successfully navigate support systems; and
  • Young people receive post-life skills program completion support services (e.g., follow-up calls, check-ins, etc.).

To learn more about the life skills program or to enroll in the program, please contact us

Job Readiness and Vocational Training

WE LIFT LA realizes that young people exiting foster care are often challenged when it comes to securing income that helps them meet their basic needs for housing, food, clothing, and medical care. Whether young people are able to secure employment and/or need help navigate systems to obtain entitled benefits, we help them explore and access opportunities to secure and maintain income. We have a junk removal program in which young people aged out of foster care can earn stipends working in an intern-like capacity. This program provides opportunities for youth to get hands-on experience while offering financial compensation.


  • Young people are able to secure income that helps them meet their basic needs;
  • Young people build and strengthen necessary skills for budgeting and managing their financial affairs; and
  • Young people are held accountable by loving, caring adults who help them navigate and plan for financial situations.

To learn more about the job readiness and vocational training program or to enroll in the program, please please contact us